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2017 Contestants: Piedmont Park Dog of the Year
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Eat. Fetch. Play.

Rocky is our happy Beagle/Blue-Tick Hound mix. Rescued from a shelter in Nashville, he is man's friend.

The Night Watch

Cloud watches over the park at night to be sure all is well with animals and people alike. By day she drifts through the grounds to spread fluffiness. Cloud is very opinionated but also calm and friendly. She loves children. Her favorite activities are the dog park and the Green Market.

She loves the neighborhood beer garden.

From Central Park to Piedmont Park, this Atlanta newcomer is a true socialite - she loves the company of other dogs and humans, especially those who bring treats. She also likes playing keep-away, fetching frisbees and romping in rivers.

Cutest Sock Theif

When you're this cute, you get to keep the socks.

Dog Day Afternoon

Can someone take me to the doggie treat aisle, please?

Puppichino time

After a long day of playing it's time for a reward

Want a cookie?

I didn't even feel bad.

Indy in the Park

10 month old Merle Great Dane, Indiana, enjoying Piedmont on a Saturday.

Tank enjoying "Yappy Hour"

Tank recently went to support the humane society at the "Yappy Hour" fundraiser. Tank is a 14 year old mini Pomeranian we rescued a little over a year ago. He was battling Cushing's disease and was very sick with weight, skin, and hair growth issues. Tank is a fighter and with the new treatment he is getting stronger everyday! He has been such a blessing in our lives and everyone he meets!

Cooper's Bark in the Park

Cooper enjoying a small break from his favorite activity: fetching the tennis ball! We go to Piedmont Park every day via the Beltline for much needed exercise, ball play, frisbee catching, and to enjoy the best part of Midtown!

Callie Beanie Baby

Callie in her Beanie Baby costume on Piedmont Park Bench last October

Not my only party trick...

Hi! I'm Valentine, a 5-year old Golden Retriever front Istanbul, Turkey. I am so happy to be in America and I love spending time outdoors and getting to meet new people. I don't believe there is a such thing as a "stranger" and I can't wait to meet you!